I attended SubieFest this past weekend. Originally planning on starting principal photography on my mini-documentary, I felt the flu I had been avoiding all week start to hit me the night before. I decided to step down my efforts to just shooting some b-roll. I began with my T2i,  after an hour in the heat I gave up, and began shooting with my iPhone to further test the feasibility and functionality of the camera I will always have on me. Here is a brief highlight reel of the event, using only footage I shot on my iPhone.

As you can see, it holds up pretty well in normal conditions, you can lock exposure and focus for dramatic effect and image stabilization doesnt get all jello-like under normal shaking. Biggest downfall I can see is the way it clips highlights is a bit limiting when it comes to color-grading, and it has the WORST rolling shutter of any camera I have used in a long time (and I shoot on DSLRs!). That being said, If you know when it should be used, it’s a nice asset to have in your bag of tricks.

Shot on iPhone 4S, edited in Final Cut w/ Magic Bullet Looks.

Track – ‘Signed in Alcohol’ by Bullets and Octane